Our beverages

We have more then just craft beer! You can enjoy a wide selection of non-alcoholic beverages inside or on the patio. 

Non-alcoholic beverages

Did you know our Sun tea actually is steeped from the sun?! Pretty cool and we have a variety of drinks to cool you off this summer or warm you up for when the wind picks up!

Can Of Pop- We have the classic coca-cola, Pepsi, Ginger ale and more). Ask your server for our selection. $2

Sweet Ice Tea- The perfectly sweet summer drink $2

Our Sun Tea-Made from the sun & unsweetened $2

Iced coffee- $2

Coffee-  If you need cream, milk, or sugar, let us know! $2

Tea- Black tea (English Breakfast, Earl Grey) and Caffeine Free Herbal Tea (Cinnamon and Peppermint)

-$2.00 each-


Sparkling water- Add a dash of organic lemon juice, lemon wedge, or cranberry juice - $2


Hot Chocolate, 12oz Juice or 12oz White/Chocolate Milk  - $3 each


Kid’s Size Milk or Juice (6oz) - $1.00 each


Save room for dessert!

We are so lucky to have Lisa Beth from Ultimately Chocolate make all our desserts from scratch. You will be addicted the moment you have a bite, so always save a little room for some awesome dessert (hey you can even have it taken to go...it's worth it)

Photo below is one of the many changing Seasonal Desserts we get in. This one was the Jalepeno, lime and cilantro pie. Ask your server what our seasonal dessert is for tonight!


Spicy Turtle Cheesecake- lightly dusted with cayenne pepper, pecans, and sweet caramel drizzle


Bailey's Cheese Cake- need we say more? The taste of baileys in a creamy cheesecake. 


Hazelnut Cheesecake- Decadent and nutty, hazelnut cheesecake for those who are a little nutty.




Flourless Gluten & Dairy Free Raspberry Torte- might small but mighty, as it's very rich and thick 



Ask your server what the special is for today! The seasonal desserts mix from cheesecakes, to pies, and are changing daily.