Our Food: From farm to table

We care about what we put on your plate, and want you to enjoy every bite! You can be satisfied knowing that our chefs use as many local ingredients from the island, and Gore Bay, where they can and we LOVE supporting local! From farmers to Ultimately Chocolate, we create dishes that are prepared fresh in the back of our kitchen so you know you are getting the best quality of food!


Lunch Menu: 12:00pm until 4:00pm

Dinner Menu: 4:00pm until 9:00pm

FOR BOTH Lunch & Dinner: OUR Starters, salads and pastas

We have the perfect starters, fresh salads, and our signature pasta dishes for you to devour whether at lunch or at dinner.


There are perks for coming in for lunch or dinner, so scroll down to see what other tasty options we have for just for lunch and for just dinner. 


Let's start on the right foot with these tasty options to keep you content until the main course comes!

Buoys’ Flat Bread or Dip Of The Day - $9

House made flat bread served with the dip of the day.


Loaded Nachos - $14

Double layered corn chips with cheese, onion, bacon, red and green peppers, served with sour cream and salsa.


Garlic Bread for 2 - $6

The perfect appetizer for sharing or saving for a pasta dish!


Garlic Bread With Cheese for 2- $10

Life is too short not to add cheese to bread. Our garlic bread upgraded with a blend of cheeses. 


Chicken Quesadilla - $12  

Chicken, onions, red and green peppers, mixed cheese. Served with sour cream and salsa.


FRESH Salads

You can make friends with salad! Check out our fresh options below from our classic Garden to our famous Greek!

Caesar Salad - $10                                                                           

Crisp lettuce, house made bacon bits, mozzarella cheese and caesar dressing.


Spinach Salad - $11                                                                         

Yummy baby spinach, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, feta cheese, and our house dressing


Greek Salad - $10   

Fresh lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, black olives, feta cheese and our house dressing


Garden Salad - $10                                                                     

Crisp lettuce, tomatoes, red and green peppers, onions and our house dressing



Add sliced chicken - $5                                                     

Add smoked chicken - $6                                                

Our Signature Pasta dishes

Our signature pastas are sure to please. With gourmet toppings or the classic meat and cheese, these dishes look as good as they taste. 


Buoys Tuscan Pasta - $14

Sautéed onion, sliced mushrooms, peppers, black olives, fresh  tomatoes, feta cheese and tossed  with olive oil and oregano served over Fettuccine. 

-Add chicken for $5  


Pesto Chicken Pasta - $18                               

Chicken, sundried tomatoes, and bacon tossed in our pesto cream sauce, served over the pasta of the day. 


Pasta and Meatballs* - $14                               

Our house made meat balls are made with Burt Farms lean ground beef and served over our pasta of the day, served with tomato sauce and classic mozzarella.

*Add a small Garden, Greek or Caesar salad or side of cheesy garlic bread - $6                                                  

Substitute rice pasta at no charge (gluten free)

Just served at LUNCH

Handcrafted sandwiches

Everything tastes good between two slices of bread or wrapped up the way you like it!

Pulled Pork Sandwich - $13                              

Burt Farms pork shoulder dry rubbed with selected spices and smoked for 12 hours on our charcoal barbeque. Topped with fresh seasonal veggies, our maple BBQ sauce, and stacked on a fresh bun.


BBQ Chicken Club - $13                        

Our signature BBQ sliced smoked chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, melted cheese, dijon mustard, and mayonnaise on a toasted bun.


Chicken Caesar Wrap - $12       

Seasoned chicken breast, crispy lettuce, real bacon, mozzarella cheese, and caesar dressing all tossed and served on a flour tortilla. 


BLT - $10                                                                                 

Exactly what it stands for,. The traditional favourite with fresh bacon, crisp lettuce, and tomato on a toasted bun.


Local Fish Burger - $12                                                                 

Sourcing local fish from our waters, our fish burger is prepared fresh to order and served on a handmade bun with lettuce, tomato, onion and tartar sauce.  Your choice of spices: Key West, Cajun or broiled. 


Veggie wrap - $10 

Fresh lettuce, sliced tomato, red & green peppers, onion, kalamata olives, feta cheese and our house dressing tossed and served in a flour tortilla


Gourmet Burgers

From our 'humble' beef burger to the classic bacon and cheese and everything in-between!

Our 6oz 100% pure all beef burger is from the Burt Farm Country Meats. The beef is prepared at the family run butcher shop only 8km away from our door. Our hamburgers are lightly seasoned with Buoy's own tangy BBQ sauce and grilled fresh to order. 


All our handmade burgers are served with lettuce, tomato, and of course pickles.

Please inform our crew of any allergies or special dietary requirements.


Beef burger - $11  

The 'humble' beef burger- it's so simple it’s perfect.


Bacon Cheese Burger - $13                                         

Our signature handmade burger topped with bacon and marble cheese.


The “Anger” burger, named after our founder, Chef Anger - $14 

Buoy's own secret Anger hot sauce,  extra hot peppers, topped with bacon and cheese.



We are located on an island, so it only makes sense we will have fresh and local white fish! With your choices between 3 of our signature spices, you can be 100% sure you will enjoy our fish dish. 

Catch Of The Day*- 1 Piece for $18 or 2 Pieces for $22


Our fish is never fried! Pan seared local with fish, served with your choice of one of our signature seasoning

1) Key West Blend,

2) Cajun seasoning or

3) Baked with Rosemary and lemon


All served with roasted potatoes wedges and seasonal vegetables


*Please ask server about availability, as sometimes our island fish plays hard to get!




We have your mouthwatering Craft Pizza's and Panzerottis served  all day, and we also have satisfying and delicious mains for you to indulge in. From our fresh fish entrees, to our special signature pasta dishes, just make sure save a little room for Ultimatey Chocolate's Dessert.


Don't forget: We have starters, salads and other signature pasta dishes shown above under our 'For Both Lunch And Dinner. Just Scroll Up


Our entrees

All of Buoys’ wonderful entrées are prepared fresh to order and slow cooked using as many local ingredients as seasonally possible.


All Entrees are served with potatoes, vegetables of the day, and your choice of Starter Salad (Garden, Greek, or Caesar)


Blackened (Cajun) Chicken- $26

 Our spicy blackened chicken is pan seared with Buoys house Cajun blend. Perfect for those who like a little fire in their life.


Ontario Smoked Duck $32

One of our favourites. Our duck is smoked and is tender, juicy, and full of flavour. Served with your choice of our Ontario cranberry jalapeno (if you like it a little spicy) or our regular Ontario cranberry sauce.


Fish from our local waters- 1piece for $22.00 or 2 pieces for $27

Our never fried, only baked, fresh fish has three house blends for you to choose from. Pan seared and baked in our ovens, you won't find better fish on the island. 


Choose between one of our three house blends:

1) The Key West Blend (most popular)- these spices will remind you of sunny, warm days spent on the beach with lemony and citrus dill flavours.

2) The Cajun Blend- kick up the spicy excitement in your life with  

3) Rosemary and Lemon- for those who like something light, but still flavourful, we add just a  little salt and pepper.


Smoked Chicken and Seafood Alfredo  - $22                           

Our signature smoked chicken with the seafood of the day combined with sautéed onions, sliced mushrooms, red and green peppers, and tossed in our creamy Alfredo sauce. 


*Add a small Garden, Greek or Caesar salad or side of cheesy garlic bread - $6                                                                          

Substitute rice pasta at no charge (gluten free)


Looking for dessert and other beverages?

We have a wide selection of Craft Beer, including Gore Bay's home base: Split Rail, Non-alcoholic beverages and of course desserts! You can view our Beverage & Dessert menu to satisfy your sweet tooth and cool off this summer.